The Asda Foundation and Rejuvenating Westgate Chapel

Two smiling women hold a big cheque during a commemorative ceremony to hand over a grant.
In the Summer of 2022, we were beyond delighted to announce our successful application for £20,000 from the Asda Foundation‘s Renovating Places fund.
This fund has enabled our official partnership with Westgate Chapel to truly flourish as it has allowed us to oversee the installation of a new kitchen, an upgrade on the chapel’s toilet facilities, a new floor, allowed us to decorate the Vestry space and hallway, and also to update the chapel’s fire safety compliance to make sure we are able to give community groups across the district a high quality safe space.

We were thrilled to have the Asda Foundation and Lisa, community champion for Asda at Durkar, Wakefield, come film what their pennies are enabling to happen at the chapel.

The following outdoor shots show some of the work DTC and our volunteers have been working on, including flower beds and new benches:

Here is an amazing video from the Asda Foundation talking with project lead Sarah about this incredible project: