Commissioned by Wakefield Libraries and delivered by writer and poet Sarah Leah Cobham, this workshop is open to all ages, abilities and interests.

Plus… It’s FREE!

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The final Group poem from the session-

WWC group poem



The March 2018 Artwalk

Join this powerful group of Women as we perform in and around the Hepworth Galleries.

The Unrulys are a combination of women who mostly participated in the Words For Well Being project delivered by Sarah Leah Cobham of Dream Time Creative who had been commissioned by the Well Women Centre to guide a group of new and emerging Spoken Word Artists through different stages of development to enable them to perform at the Wakefield Lit Fest 2017.

Now firm favourites on the Spoken Word scene in Wakefield and beyond, the Unrulys will take you on a journey that will pull on your heart strings and make you laugh until you cry.

hepworth unruly's


#truthbetold…..@ Wakefield Rhubarb Festival!


Friday 23rd 1.30 – 2pm in The Mini Tent!
Truth Be Told… it’s Wakefield Spoken Word Artists being all vocal about food and rhubarb!
Hosted by Simon Widdop, the very best of new, emerging and established Wakefield Spoken Artists will take you on a delightful journey around Wakefield.

Saturday 24th 1.30-2pm in the Mini Tent
Truth Be Told… it’s The Unrulys being all vocal and a good job too.
Hosted by Sarah Leah Cobham, a powerful group of female spoken word artists will entertain you with their take on life, food, drink, love and laugher… woman style!

Sunday 25th 1.30-2pm in the Mini Tent
Truth Be Told.. it’s the Truth Be Told Founders being… well just all vocal!
This team of visionaries will take you on a journey of discovery with their eclectic, egalitarian style.

Pack Up Poetry Workshops

pack up poetry

November 19th 2017- One off workshop!

Interested in learning about how women found their voices during the early days of the suffrage movement? A day of spoken word, drama improvisation and exploration of the woman’s voice which will embolden your own understanding and connection with your female ancestors. In preparation for a public performance dedicated entirely to Female Performers, this workshop will take you through all the skills you need to deliver, with confidence, you spoken word piece on the theme of Suffarage.

From initial writing, including writing skills and poetry techniques, being in your body to enable you to own your space, your words and your feelings, you will be taken through the whole process, so that, by the end of the day you will have a crafted piece of Spoken Word.

The morning will be dedicated to writing, whilst the afternoon to performing.

Open to women only and accessible to all levels of writing and performance experience.

The cost of the day is £25 per person. Spaces limited to 12 so booking and advance payment is essential.

Please bring your own lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided.



Dot Art Workshop- July 28th 2017

Did you know that all dot art pictures tell a story?

Come and learn what the traditional symbols mean, learn to read them and tell your own story by using the traditional methods of the Indiginous Aboriginal People of Australia.

dot art workshop