Winter  2018 Sessions

Emotional Intelligence Project focusing on the six senses.

Our work at Field head continued on Friday afternoon with a series of workshop based on the sense of smell. We were exploring how smell evokes memory by engaging with different flowers, herbs and perfumes. As we shared those stories we drew the things that gave those memories to us. By extending our vocabulary we were able to express, oftentimes, inner feelings and to own them. This session was incredible powerful and produced some stunning ‘in response’ pieces.

Moving to music and dancing with scarfs inspired the following black and white pictures from our visit to Field Head on the 9th February 2018. Being ‘in the body’ is vitally important to well being and mental health so by exploring the sense of hearing and touch in tandem we were able to create an opportunity for participants to explore their feelings in a gentle and supportive way. 

Using exotic scents to stimulate memory we responded using the medium of pastel and paper to create a piece that worked as a metaphor.



Using images of Barbara Hepworth’s Sculptures as inspiration for our own pieces and using key words to help describe what the sculptures might be trying to express or say and how they speak to us. Create sculptures out of clay and explore how the clay feels in our hands, what stories and feelings they evoke.



Autumn 2017 Sessions

Using meditation to start, each group was bought into a state of mindfulness where they were able explore the themes of Creation from  the Indigenous Australian Aboriginal stories. The traditional didgeridoo is used to both invoke atmosphere and as inspiration for traditional ‘dot’ artwork to take place.