About DTC

Through Creativity Comes Connection

Established in 2016 by a group of women who have been delivering creative courses to women with mental health issues in Wakefield and  who specialise in empowering the woman’s voice, our aim is to enable those who participate in our courses to embrace their creativity and give them confidence to engage with and participate in the wider community.

Where would we be without our volunteers?

Since Dream Time Creative first set up in 2018 we have enjoyed the company and support of many volunteers. Without our friends across the many different communities we work with our activities, exhibitions and events just wouldn’t happen. Our volunteers don’t just make the tea, although that is absolutely vital to everything we do, they are the life-blood, the smiles, the skills and the bedrock upon which we, as an arts organisation, thrive. The volunteers that have been part of, and continue to be part of, our journey come and go, some stay longer, some give us what they can for a little while and that’s just wonderful. We feel privileged to be able to walk by their side for as long as they feel they can stay with us. So, for all our wonderful volunteers, thank you. Thank you for bringing a piece of yourselves to the DTC space and for allowing us into your life.

Thank you for being part of something  we believe in and without you, just wouldn’t work. 

Also, a huge thank you to our lead researcher for our Forgotten Women of Wakefield Project, Helga Fox.

Lastly, a huge thank you to all of our funders and those that have commissioned us to provide an outstanding service to our community.